Exegesis: a statement that makes something clear.

Our Services

Translation & Revision

We offer “combo” projects that include both translation and revision. Having one point of contact for both tasks helps clients save time and be certain they will get top-quality translations.


We offer proofreading as a standalone service to ensure your translations are linguistically flawless and read naturally in Spanish.


Our post-editing service can substantially improve machine-translation projects to ensure accuracy and clarity plus the human touch.

Style Guide and Glossary Development

We create customized style guides and glossaries to convey the DNA and voice of your business so that your content will always be consistent and accurate, and reflect your business personality.

Improvement and Revision of Original Texts

We are well aware that your busy schedule may not grant you the time to write carefully or to your satisfaction. However, communicating effectively with others is crucial to your business outcomes. We have a solution for you. Send us your drafts and we will provide you with improved documents, free of errors and containing clear professional wording.

E-learning Translation Department

E-learning is a growing field that brings new learning experiences to millions of people all over the world. Providing content in the users’ own language is key to their success. We have translated e-learning content both for academic and business organizations covering multiple topics. We will be delighted to help with the translation of your courses.

Our Clients

We strive to treat clients as partners, working closely with them to achieve the best of all possible outcomes.

Our clients are translation agencies from around the globe seeking collaboration to translate content and material that read naturally in Spanish.

We also produce translations for end-clients, both businesses and individuals, who need to translate their content and materials into Spanish.

We Give Back

We launched our Give Back Program in an effort to help non-governmental organizations (NGOs) gain a more extensive outreach. Every month we translate free of charge a fixed number of words for an NGO.

If you are an NGO, contact us about the Give Back Program.

Partners’ Bio

Verónica Mastronardi



She graduated as a Sworn Translator from Universidad del Salvador, Buenos Aires, Argentina. She later attended Leandro Wolfson's translation workshop for a year and completed a specialization course in Spanish Linguistic Rules at the prestigious Fundación LITTERAE. In addition, she is a member of the Sworn Translators' Association of the City of Buenos Aires (CTPCBA).

She has over ten years of experience in translation and proofreading. This has allowed her to specialize in several fields of work, gain deep knowledge of the diverse Spanish-speaking markets and manage state-of-the-art computer tools.

Mercedes Scasso



She graduated as a Sworn Translator from Universidad del Salvador, Buenos Aires, Argentina. She later completed a course in Spanish Linguistic Rules and a course in Spanish Proofreading at Fundación LITTERAE. She also took a translation workshop with Leandro Wolfson.

She has experience as a translator and editor in several fields of work, where she has been able to gain deep knowledge, master QA processes and manage the latest computer-assisted tools (CAT).

Translators’ Zone

If teamwork and achieving the best results possible are part of your professional profile, please contact us at: join@exegesistrans.com.

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